"I have taken Global Studies and IGS 11, and am currently involved in IGS 12. I can confidently say that IGS has been the best academic decision of my life.

Why is IGS so great?

1. The teachers: In the Institute for Global Solutions, you will find three of the most passionate and knowledgeable teachers around. It is common for many students to feel uninspired and unmotivated in high school. I have found no course or club that evokes a love of learning like IGS.

2. The trips: I have never been the biggest fan of most overnight school trips, but some of my most cherished Highschool memories are from the great IGS trips. The major weeklong trips that are part of both IGS 12 and 11 not only provide unparalleled learning experiences, but also bring you closer with your classmates. This creates a unique class dynamic long after the trips are over. This creates an environment that fosters debate and discussion.

3. Everything else: When I asked a fellow classmate what is so good about IGS he said,“we are treated as adults and prospering members of our community instead of children that can’t think for themselves”. I think this summarizes the feeling of IGS, which is a rewarding academic environment conducive to learning with opportunities to achieve things beyond the classroom. You really are treated like a mature student. A lot of these opportunities will help you through the post­secondary application process. Personally I have earned back ten fold in scholarships what I have spent on IGS. Furthermore the IGS environment attracts like minded students that are critical thinkers, perpetually adding to the IGS experiences.

I am a more engaged and well-rounded person because of IGS. IGS has changed my high school experience infinitely for the better. I would recommend it to anyone, from the book worms to the kids that can’t sit still, everyone has something to gain from IGS." - Jack Saunders, Student, IGS 11 & 12