Since the complex issues at the heart of this program transcend traditional disciplines like science, math, and social studies, the educational platform of the IGS model bring previously distinct subject-areas together.

Classes are taught by an interdisciplinary team of teachers sharing their expertise and differing perspectives.

  • IGS 9: Combines Social Studies 9 and Science 9 into a linear, year-long offering
  • IGS 10: Combines Social Studies 10 and Science 10 into a year linear, year-long offering
  • IGS 11: Combines Political Studies 11 (Social 11 equivalent) & International Relations 11
  • IGS 12: Combines Human Geography 12 & Environmental Science 12 (approved science 12 credit)

*IGS 11 & 12 meet daily in periods 3 & 4, giving students ample opportunity to
complete additional core courses and electives in the morning blocks.